Wednesday, December 07, 2005

America's Most Prolific Inventors, as per the USPTO

USAToday has a wonderful article today on our most prolific inventors, as determined by how many patents they hold. Who is America's top patenter? Thomas Edison? I'm afraid not:
So much for the legend of Edison. America's greatest inventor is apparently an obscure guy in Japan who makes stuff most people can't comprehend. And the nation's greatest native inventor seems to be a man who has come up with 100 different ways to make a flower pot.
That's innovation for you, US Patent Style.


Anonymous Gerald Holmes said...

You're a stupid stupid head if patents didnts exists then how can I makes the big moneys with my ideas huh huh huh thats right I cants you stuipidheads!!!!!!

I know wahts you trhying to do you trying to says that lots of the patents is stupid well you ar the sutpids ones!!!!!!!! becasue patents makes us rich rich rich rich rich rich and you want to pe a poor persons well thats okay you go lives in the gutters you silly heads!!!! but for me Im going to get rich Im going to file a patents and put you out of businesses you stupidheads!!!!!

7:19 PM  

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