Monday, November 07, 2005

Intellectual Rights

Laura Quilter has posted a very thoughtful piece on "the natural right people have to create, invent, tinker, think, imagine, ponder, access information, etc." In it, she outlines four critical components:
(a) the right to create new stuff;
(b) the right to experiment with & learn about existing stuff, gathering information and exploring the world;
(c) the right to communicate information and ideas; and
(d) the right to receive information and ideas.
She toys with calling this collection of natural rights intellectual rights or information rights, but notes that both terms lack a certain zinginess.

These concepts square very keenly with our objectives here at Right to Create -- itself a term we'd lend to that purpose, but it only really encompasses (a). If you have any ideas for a really good term, you might want to join the discussion at Derivative Work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about "Intellectual Responsibilities"? I.e. if one has "stood on the shoulders of giants", one's responsibility is to allow others to benefit in the same way.

5:59 AM  

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